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Three Ways to Get Your Dog Park Ready for Summer Go Back

The temperatures are rising, which means dog owners are going to have their four-legged friends outdoors more often to soak up the sun. This also means it’s your responsibility as a property manager to make sure your pet-friendly area is up to par for those who’ll use it most.

To help, we’ve compiled three of the most essential ways in which you can upgrade your dog park, just in time for the summer outdoor season.

Dispense with Unwanted Pet Waste

When you choose to install Aluminum DOGIPOT® Mini Junior Bag Dispensers, you’re also choosing the best way for dog park goers to get rid of unwanted and unsightly pet waste, cleanly and quickly. Not only does this help to keep your dog-friendly area environmentally sound, you’re also empowering others to become responsible pet owners, which is a win-win situation for you and other dog owners that may frequent the area

Find a Happy Medium The right accessories can make all the difference.

What’s also great about our Aluminum DOGIPOT® Mini Junior Bag Dispensers is that they serve as a great middle ground for the kinds of dogs that tend to frequent most parks around the country. The majority of dog owners in the U.S. own at least one dog, between 23 and 42 pounds, which means that middle-sized dogs are also prone to leaving middle-sized messes.

Our junior bag dispensers are the near-perfect size for distributing pet waste bags that can help you take care of messes discreetly, without having to double bag, or make a return trip to the scene of the crime.

Location, Location, Location

When placing your Aluminum DOGIPOT® Mini Junior Bag Dispensers, keep in mind that some park goers may be coming from much farther away than those who live in the immediate area, so having dispensers strategically placed at the entrance your dog park can help those who may need to clean up a mess that occurred before making it to the front gate.

These tips are just a start toward creating a safe, sanitary haven for dogs (and their owners), so make sure you’re doing everything you can to maintain a clean park, with DOGIPOT®’s help.

With over two decades of service dedicated to creating the safest, most durable dog park products, ProPet wants to ensure you’re doing everything you can to create desirable, dog-friendly areas for all of our four-legged friends. For more information on any of the pet products we offer, visit our Products page, or email propet@dogipot.com.

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